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Health Insurance

Comprehensive health insurance is an important part of any employee benefits package. Participating members of the WRLA are able to provide their employees with quality health insurance within flexible plan designs. Rates for the health insurance are based on the specific demographic characteristics and claiming patterns of each WRLA member. A copy of any previous contract and billing would be required, along with the age, sex and job classification of employees.

Common features of the WRLA program include:

  • Semi-Private Hospital accommodation
  • Prescription Drug coverage
  • Vision Care
  • Paramedical Practitioner coverage
  • Out-of-Country/Province Travel Assistance

Some of the frequently used plan designs aspects are:

  • 24-Month Survivor benefit clause allowing dependent family members of a deceased employee to continue health insurance coverage. Premiums are waived during this period
  • Pay Direct Drug Card
  • Paramedical Practitioners such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths and podiatrist covered up to $500 each per year
  • Hearing Aids covered up to $500 every 5 years
  • Coverage terminates at age 70 or retirement

Health Insurance Rates

Rates for health insurance can vary based on the amount of coverage provided and any cost sharing features that are introduced. The WRLA program allows for a variety of combinations of benefit levels, deductibles, dispensing fee or co-insurance levels in order to meet the needs of each WRLA member.

The flexibility of the WRLA program in combination with the volume purchasing arrangement creates health insurance rates that can be affordable for any size company.

Note: This summary is intended to provide a brief description of the benefits available under the WRLA group insurance program. This material does not create or confer any rights. The exact terms and conditions of your benefits are outlined in the applicable group benefits agreements or policies. Some restrictions and/or limitations may apply to all benefits mentioned above. Please contact the WRLA or Morneau Shepell for full details.

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