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Short Term Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability or Weekly Indemnity insurance, as it is often called, provides employees with protection against short term loss of income due to injury or illness. The WRLA group plan offers a competitively priced Short Term Disability program, at affordable group rates.

Short Term Disability Insurance can be formulated to match the needs of each participating WRLA member. Some of the more common features of a Short Term Disability program include:

1. Benefit payments begin on the 1st day of disability for accident/hospitalization or 8th day for sickness
2. Maximum benefit duration is typically 17 weeks
3. Benefit amounts range from 60%-70% of weekly income

Short Term Disability Insurance Rates

Rates for the Short Term Disability/Weekly Indemnity Insurance are based on the specific demographic characteristics of each WRLA member. In order to provide a quotation the age, sex, job classification and earnings of employees would be required. A copy of any previous contract and billing would also be required.

Note: This summary is intended to provide a brief description of the benefits available under the WRLA group insurance program. This material does not create or confer any rights. The exact terms and conditions of your benefits are outlined in the applicable group benefits agreements or policies. Some restrictions and/or limitations may apply to all benefits mentioned above. Please contact the WRLA or Morneau Shepell for full details.

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