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Eligibility Rules (i.e., who qualifies and when)

All employees in active service on the full-time staff of the employer are eligible once they have completed the waiting period stated in the Schedule of Benefits (generally three months of continuous service).

An employee not actively at work on the day his/her insurance would normally commence will not be eligible until he/she returns to full-time work.

Employees of any organization or other business formally associated or affiliated with the employer as a subsidiary or otherwise are eligible for insurance, provided that such an organization is listed in the group policy.

The employee’s insurance will become effective when the employee has completed the eligibility-waiting period.

Late entrants will become effective once the insurance company approves medical evidence.

Dependent’s insurance will become effective on the date the employee becomes insured, on the date a person becomes a dependent, provided the employee is covered for dependent’s insurance, or on the date the evidence of insurability is approved if evidence of insurability was required for the employee’s dependents.

Additional Provisions

Dependent Eligibility

Eligible dependents include your spouse and unmarried dependent children as defined in the group insurance policy. Insurance for eligible dependents is available as specified in the Schedule of Benefits. (Children covered up to age 25 if full-time students wholly dependent on the employee for support). Confirmation from the college/university must be forwarded to The Co-operators each year for all dependents over the age of 21 and under the age of 25 by filling out a Student Eligibility Form.

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